Faith is to believe on something you do not see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.
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hese are links of value-laden classroom activities, songs, poems, prayers, quotations and trivia that will surely make your session exciting and meaningful.

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1. Book of Pinoy Facts & Records

2. Filipino trivia

3. Filipino Trivia and Historical Facts

4. Pinoy Trivia 2:  Pinoy Slang

5. 100 best things about being Pinoy

6. Collection of Philippine Firsts

7. Katutubong larong Pinoy

8. You know you're Filipino if...

9. Are you really Filipino? Take this less than scientific quiz to rate your "Filipino-ness."

10. Philippines Trivia

Class Room Activities

Character Education 4
Worktext in GMRC for Grade Four

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