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his page is aimed at showing us that values development may be achieved through integration in the different subject areas. Find out the approaches in the integration of values and the strategies in the integration of values.

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1. How values education can be integrated within the teaching curriculum

2. The Center for Learning offers a range of complimentary resources and interactive services to parents, educators, and community members interested in values-based education.


4. Gospel values across the curriculum


6. Placing a value on values by Dr Mike Turner

7. Teaching mathematics teachers to create a secure, supportive classroom environment in which the pupils learn to not fear failure and to value making mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.

8. includes resources and information designed to encourage discussion, research, and educational strategies on character development in college.

9. All teachers are involved in values education.

10. Some ideas for integrating Character Education into the school climate

11. Integrating Character Education into the Curriculum

12. Six Key Principles for Implementing Integrated Character Education

13. Curriculum standards and reform designs that clearly include character education and the cognative domain of learning.

14. Some Frequently Asked Questions About Character Education

15. Character education is not an 'add-on' program

16. Responses from classroom teachers currently integrating character education in content specific curriculum areas.

17. The Development and Implementation of Character

18. This K-12 handbook provides strategies on integrating character education into daily learning for schools, parents, community organizations, businesses and individuals

19. Character Education

20. A national model in the integration of ethics and literacy and through curriculum materials available on our Web site.

21. Politicians Stand Up For Character Education Measures

22. Three critical elements to support effective character education in school-based environments

23. Integrate social and emotional learning, conflict resolution, and diversity education into your program, school, and/or district.

24. A list of character words and definitions deemed important regardless of a person's political leanings, race, gender or religious convictions

25. "Coaches are, first and foremost, teachers; they are among the most influential people in a young athlete’s life. Because coaches are such powerful role models, young athletes learn more from them about character than about athletic performance.

26. Form of project based learning in which academic goals are accomplished through community service. Service learning develops citizenship, responsibility, and many other positive character virtues, making it possibly the most powerful character education program you can implement. Here's how you can do it.

27. Character isn't what we think, it's what we do. Here are some opportunities for students to apply the values we associate with good character. As Aristotle said, when we do good things we become good people.

28. If you work with kids, and you need to implement character education tomorrow, and you want some immediate help, this is where to start. But if your character education program is cruising, and you just want some additional ideas and materials, this is also where to start.

29. The two major values which are essential in order to become a responsible citizen of ANY society are RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY. In exploring literature which deals with these universal values students will have the opportunity to:

30. An Integrated Approach to Character Education Edited by Timothy Rusnak

31. is building a community and portal for the exploration of human spirits, values, attitudes, principles and emotions. We thematically explore a growing list of over 500 human values, using in person and online study groups, discussions groups, creative arts activities, resource links, and computer technology.

32. Character Education Lesson Plans for 8 different subjects

35. Connections Lessons in Values

36. Character and Sports ( for P.E.)

37. Character and Peace Education

38. Teachers Fit Character Education Into Their Lessons

38. Social skills and character education

39. Six Key Principles for Implementing
Integrated Character Education

40. Is Character Education the Answer?

41. The following eleven principles serve as criteria that schools and other groups can use to plan a character education effort.

42. Character Education is a Process, Not a Pre-packaged Program

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