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I nviting you to take a look at Values Education / Character Education lessons we have collected for elementary, high school and college levels.

To provide you eith ready online lesson plans for values and character education, we collected sites and links for you to visit for easy access to creative and well-done lesson plans in character education. Enjoy!



1. These guides are packed with discussion questions, writing assignments, and student activities that you can use to create your own lesson plans.

2. LESSON PLANS and ACTIVITY IDEAS on character education.

3. Character Education Lesson Plans and the different subject areas

4. Discussion questions, writing assignments, and group activities for trustworthiness, citizenship, respect, honesty, responsibility, courage,
fairness, diligence, caring, integrity .

5. Values Education and Physical Education: Discussion questions and
activities for coaches to use with athletes.

6. Lesson Plans, Booklets and Other Resources

7. LESSON PLAN ON :Teaching Social Skills

8. 100 Ways to Promote VALUES Education in the School


10. CLASSROOM IDEAS ON : Random Acts of Kindness

11. Definition, ideas and activities on different character traits

12. Character Education Lesson Plans: elementary level

13. What Is A Value? - Two page sample lesson

14. The following sample lessons from Grades Kindergarten to One
through Grade Five on Character Education

15. In assessing a character education lesson plan , use this checklist:

16. Activities and Lesson Plans for Teachers

17. Daily Lesson Plan on Media Studies

18. Family life lesson plans

19. Living Values: Materials and Resources

20. Multicultural lesson plan

21. Human Rights Lesson Plan

22. Lesson Plans on Abstinence

23. The Kits and activities were developed to promote the use of positive language in the family and workplace setting.

24. Character Counts Lesson Plans

High School
College (Filipino)
College (English)
Lesson Plan Links

Character Education 5
Worktext in GMRC for Grade Five

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